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    i recently bought a lg cx380 cell phone from telus canada,
    the phone had no usb connection to my computer so i bought a micro sd card and a adapter,
    the phone knows the micro sd card is inserted but cant not find any of the songs.

    the micro sd card has no "music" "video" or "picture folders"
    its a Dane-Elec Universal portable memory,

    i put a song that i liked on the micro sd card in no folders since there isnt any, hoping to find it in the music area but nope.
    i have some question if anyone knows anything with telus and is simaliure with their cell phone setup or knows anything about this lg phone or any other that might be simulaure.

    the little white switch is all the way up, should i put it down? or in the middle?

    my first question is where do i go, if i have to
    allow my micro sd card data to connect or sync, i can not find any option like that. im not even sure if its needed.

    secondly is there any folders i should put so my cell phone can find it under "downloaded songs" or something ( i think downloaded songs would only be if you downloaded using they're service)

    my computer wont read my sd card adapter anymore. should i just restart my computer or did i screw the sd card already

    and my fourth question is do i need to convert them so they can play on my cell phone?
    its some sort of a mp3 player as if u press one of the side buttons the play/pause skip and stuff light up.

    Sorry for all the question since im not everygood with phones
    and thanks if you respond

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    Re: Micro Sd card problems with a Lg cx380

    Lots of problems, all sound like a memory card issue.
    First, try exchanging the memory card (bring it back to where you got it, and hope they'll exchange it).

    When you get the new card, put it into the phone and format the card. Do this before you put anything on the card.
    That should make the directories on the phone.
    If it doesn't, these are the folder names
    my_music, my_picture, my_sound, my_video

    Another thing is make sure the card can be used in the phone. If you bought an 8gb (example) card, the phone might not support 8gb. Maybe go smaller?

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