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    the top part of my ax8600(display, mic, speaker) no longer work but the base still turns on. i got a new phone and hoped to get my contacts transferred to my new phone, but the woman at verizon said she couldnt read from the phone. she said there might be a 'data mode' that the phone needs to be in. does this make sense? if so does someone know the keystrokes to navigate and change it since i cant see the display? thanks!

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    Re: broken ax8600; can i still transfer numbers?

    First, welcome to CPF.net.

    As for getting your contacts, try getting the software called DataPilot by Susteen for the LG.
    DataPilot Cell Phone Mobile Sync Software & Data Cables
    It comes with the data cables, very easy to use, and should have no problem pulling the numbers off of that phone. I know, I used it on an AX8600 before, having the same problem as you are.

    Best of luck!

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