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    My daughters VX5400 has become unresponsive to keypad entries. The Pwr/End key works to turn the phone on and off. The phone rings when called or text messaged. If the screeen dims than presssing any key brings it back to life.

    I have disassembled the phone to check for sand or other foreign matter.

    Any suggestions on what to try next?

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    Re: vx5400 on PWR key works

    Check the side keys to see if one is pressed down. It sounds like something is making the phone go into Standby Mode, like when the phone is flipped closed.
    Does the phone have a logo on the front when it's flipped open? Or the time like when it is suppose to be flipped closed?

    Also, if you pull the phone apart, check the flex ribbon cables going from the main board to the LCD screen. Check it (you may need a set of magnifying reading glasses) for any tears on it.
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    Re: VX-5400 on PWR key works

    OH MY GOSH! thank god! i have that EXACT SAME phone and it is having the EXACT SAME problem!!!!!

    i thought it was just me. i was texting at kings dominion in the rain then it happened. stupid i know. but my mom texted me and she said if u dont answer me im taking it away.

    my phone used to just have the "dimming problem" not the keyboard one. that happened a few times actuallly but now its having the "keyboard" problem and the dimming one.

    im reading all over the internet on how to fix it. my friend said "rice" or "freezer" but im reading and everybody is saying take it apart first then dry it with a hairdryer or put it in rice. im a little afraid to do that cuz knowing me i would break it.

    i havent tried anything yet but im really tempted to. but i dont know how to take off the front cover D:

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