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    I want to sell my phone(te365f) on ebay because fido won't let me return it without a receipt. when i search 'lg neon' on ebay, all i get is the 'LG Neon LG NEON KS360'. i was wondering if there was any difference or if people will have problems using my 'LG Neon TE365F' with their provider.

    See More: whats the difference between the 'LG Neon TE365F' & the 'LG Neon LG NEON KS360'
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    Re: whats the difference between the 'LG Neon TE365F' & the 'LG Neon LG NEON KS360'

    The KS360 is an AT&T model with AT&T firmware.
    The TE365F is a Fido model with Fido firmware.

    Mechanically, they appear to be the same. Cosmetic wise, from what I can see, the Fido model is less colorful than the AT&T model.

    Other than that, everything else appears the same.
    Both would need to be GSM unlocked to use on another carrier. Just make sure to note if you have the AT&T or Fido model in the eBay auction.

    Best of luck!
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