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    Multimedia mobile phone with excellent audio and video entertainment features and powerful hardware configuration and are being more and more users. With the development of mobile Internet, fast and convenient Internet browsing has been further integrated in a multi-media mobile phone on, which in various forms of flagship-class to attract people's attention. If you still can not fully understand the multi-media mobile phones in the current definition, then let us through the authority of the British mobile phone magazine "Mobile Choice" selection of the latest 5 of the best multimedia mobile phone position, a look at the current best multimedia mobile phone now.

    No. 5: LG KM900 Arena

    LG KM900 Arena to become a representative of multimedia mobile phones should be said that the matter or a matter of course, after all, in addition to support for multi-point touch technology and features a sound since it has been since released a great deal of concern, the aircraft in the area of multimedia features It can be said that a subtle performance. In order to obtain an excellent audio-visual effects. It provides a Dolby surround sound audio, combined with TV-OUT connections and support for DivX video playback and other multimedia entertainment functions, 3.5 mm Headset interface and rich audio and video playback capabilities, fully mobile phones allow users to experience theater-like effect.

    In addition, the phone has 8GB memory and 32GB of capacity to support the largest of the micro-SDHC memory card expansion capabilities, it is even more satisfied users of high-definition video and mass storage requirements songs. Of course, the aircraft is equipped with the 3.0-inch WVGA (480 800 pixels) resolution, 16.7 million color TFT screen for video playback and browse the web provided a good support. The latest S-Class interactive user interface and features multi-point touch, users will be able to use a completely different experience of the past. 500 with built-Schneider-KREUZNACH megapixel camera, WCDMA / HSDPA networks and WLAN wireless LAN access, as well as A-GPS navigation and other functions, it is functional so that it has reached the level of expression and strength.

    No. 4: HTC Magic

    G2 has called the HTC Magic can become a leader in the multimedia mobile phone with the system platform seems to have a certain relationship, after all, although the functional than in the first generation did not raise too many cases, it HTC's second paragraph as Android systems with smart phones, by the large number of professionals and consumers concerned about the nature of things is a matter of course. In fact, if it must be to identify the relative outstanding multimedia capabilities it should be online on Youtube perfect video playback support, in particular, such integration with the network characteristics is greatly favored.

    In addition, the integrity of the Google applications, and applications from the Android Market download it also is the main cause of much sought after. However, the lack of 3.5 mm Headset interface, much enhanced compared to the past or let the shortcomings of this Google phone gives the impression not perfect. And although the built-in camera Pixels 3.2 million an increase of auto-focus function, and in the system version and the amount of memory on the changes, but generally it can be seen as the HTC Dream all-touch screen version. Therefore, 3.2 inches, such as HVA (320 480 pixel) resolution touch wide screen, built-in GPS module and electronic compass function, provide the path specifications, 3D Street View, find the location, as well as streetscape features such as Google Maps, built 528 MHz Qualcomm Qualcomm MSM7201A of processors and support for GSM / GPRS / EDGE / WCDMA / HSDPA networks and WLAN wireless LAN access functions are almost exactly the same as the past.

    No. 3: Nokia N97

    As for the flagship N series, with massive 48GB of memory since the Nokia N97 will be released by virtue of self-sufficient luxury features capture a lot of people, in particular, in addition to aircraft owned by high-definition 3.5-inch touch screen, 500-megapixel Carl. Zeiss lens, as well as GPS navigation and electronic compass and wireless LAN WLAN features such as powerful, more multimedia entertainment machine is the heart of countless people. Nokia N97 not only has a 3.5 mm headset interface and is equipped with a dual-speaker, and such as TV-out interface, compatible with a variety of formats and has a video playback of up to 37 hours of music playback time, it reflects the multi-media entertainment functions in the the overall standard. And with 16GB of memory card maximum expansion capabilities, the Nokia N97 also get the real massive 48GB memory space, which provides storage for multimedia support of a more perfect.

    In addition, it is not only the first N-Series family will be in touch screen and standard keyboard into two major trends, but also loaded with a 3.5-inch 16 million color TFT touch screen and built-in 5,000,000 pixels Carl. Zeiss camera, equipped with 343MHz processor and has a massive 32GB of memory, and supports GPS navigation, WCDMA / HSDPA network and WLAN features such as wireless LAN access, coupled with Nokia OVI program stores more than 20,000 applications for the number of aircraft functions unlimited extension of the support of a great deal.

    No. 2: Sony Ericsson W995

    Most of this year's flagship product, the Walkman, Sony Ericsson W995 is not only built a 8.1 million pixel camera and a powerful camera features, but also for the first time an increase in the Walkman series, the 3.5 mm headphone jack and perfect music It also functions as the focus of public attention. It is not only equipped with a 2.6-inch screen, but also an increase of people have been eagerly looking forward to the 3.5 mm headphone jack with dual speakers and Shake control (rock-for-song), SensMe, TrackID, such as multimedia entertainment features available, not only allows users to enjoy more user-friendly music, but also in the quality standards so that the W995 will also be more attractive.

    In addition, it is also built-in 8.1 million pixel camera, support for auto-focus and face recognition, support for WCDMA / HSDPA networks and WLAN wireless LAN access, as well as A-GPS navigation and other functions. And provided with a random packing capacity of 8GB memory card, but also allows users to save multimedia files and high-resolution photos will have trouble.

    No. 1: Samsung i8910 HD

    720P high-definition video, 800-megapixel camera, mass memory, and almost all of the features is the Samsung i8910 HD multimedia mobile phone has become the main cause of the first, it provided the first high-definition HD video recording function, can take up to 720p resolution The HD (1280 720 pixels) high-definition video, and also provided as a result of HDMI interface, so users can not only transfer in the mobile phone and enjoy HD video, mobile phones can also be connected with the projector or large screen LCD television to enjoy . In addition to the above advantages, the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD also reflect the functional expression of those characteristics, not only has a 3.5 mm-compatible interface and a variety of audio and video format support for DiVX playback and video playback, but also has a GPS navigation and support for WCDMA / HSDPA networks and Wi-Fi wireless LAN access and other functions. The phone has a massive 8GB of memory on the basis also supports micro-SDHC memory card expansion, to allow mobile phone users can save more high-definition image data.

    In addition, as the first full-touch 8 million pixels S60 mobile phones, it also is equipped with a 3.7-inch screen 16 million color AMOLED screen and with the Nokia N97 with the same operating system and Symbian9.4 platform S60 Fifth Edition and built-in built-in camera 8000000 pixels also have a very good job of shooting features, such as face tracking auto-focus, smile shutter and business card scanning function is all readily available.

    Overall, the current best multimedia cell phones seem to epitomize the image of the excellent features, and smart phones have become to determine whether or not its one of the criteria of excellence. The massive song storage capacity, rich audio and video playback capabilities, as well as the mode of operation is to facilitate the evaluation criteria for multimedia mobile phones. Of course, with the whole of the popular touch screen mobile phones worldwide, multimedia mobile phones also has step-by-step with the trend of integration, especially in this point in the meeting 5 of the best music phone, the product operation to support the touch holds up to four seats, it is the good embodiment of this trend.


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