It is learned that, LG is preparing to introduce a system with Windows Mobile 6.5 super-phone, the aircraft model “GM750″, which is following another new machine after the GM730. According to rumors that it will be to achieve levels of mobile phone WVGA display.

According to foreign media reports, LG GM750 will be using the latest Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, user interface for the LG is still a unique S-Class 3D interface. Allegedly, GM750 will join a project called “Chat on the Map” of the feature, which allows users in the use of instant messaging tools (such as MSN) can exchange each other’s geographical location, in order to contact. It will also be built-in WiFi wireless LAN transmission, GPS navigation, as well as features such as gravity sensors.

LG GM750 is expected to be launched in the third quarter,we do not know what’s like of the LG ’s Windows Mobile 6.5 machine,let’s wait.

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