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    I just bought an LG Rhythm (AX585) and I'm having some trouble loading up songs correctly. I went out and purchased an 8gb microSD card, inserted it, and synced some songs onto the device with WMP.

    When I turned on the mp3 player on my phone, the artists had saved like this:

    Against Me! (27)
    Against Me! (1)
    Against Me! (1)
    Against Me! (1)
    Against Me! (1)
    Against Me! (1)
    Against Me! (1)
    Against Me! (1)

    and so on. The first folder had ALL of the songs I uploaded, then the ones under it are copies of the songs. If I delete one of the singular files, it deletes it from the first file too. I tried reformatting the card, doing it via drag and drop. That didn't work. I tried rearranging the folders. That didn't work. It's becoming very frustrating. Can anyone help me?

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    Re: LG Rhythm syncing artists oddly?

    Make sure that the MP3's are tagged correctly inside the file.
    Open the song with WinAmp, and double click on the name in the player window, and check the ID3.
    If it's not tagged right, the phone won't load it or show it correctly
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