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    I just downloaded the mobile email application today from Verizon for my LG Venus. I would like to know if I can get notification when a new email comes in. I have been able to manually go in and check email (not through the web, but through the mobile app) so I know I am getting them. Also, I have checked the setting section to alert me, it doesn't appear that this phone can do that. My daughter has the Env Touch, and gets her alerts as soon as a new email arrives. I appreciate any ideas you can offer. Thank you!

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    Re: LG Venus Email Alert

    That's probably setup in the program itself. Open the program and go into the settings, there should be something in there.
    Also, make sure that the sound file that it is looking for exists. Sometimes it will look for a sound that isn't in the phone.
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    Re: LG Venus Email Alert

    Thank you for your suggestion. My phone did "beep" about 30 minutes after an email arrived, so it is set to notify. Unfortunately, I do not have an option to choose the audio sound for this alert; it is not one of choices to set.

    I think the software on this phone is probably too old to really utilize this function, but at least it will alert me eventually.

    Thanks for helping!

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