So, I've had the LG VX9400 for about a year, and I've had to get it replaced once because it kept freezing one me. I'll admit that I was a little rough on it, but I haven't been rough on my new one at all. The only time it got damaged was when I fell and it happened to be in the pocket that I fell on...Now, it's stuck on the "Verizon Wireless" screen, like the screen you get when you turn it on or off.

It's been stuck on the same screen all day, and I've tried everthing to fix it. I've taken the battery out 4 times now and put it back in to see if that would help reset it. But it doesn't seem to work. Also, I'm thinking it's deactivated because when I went to go to the "official" Verizon Wireless forums and tried to retrieve my password (I know it, but it wouldn't work, so I figured I'd make sure I got the right one), it gave me a message that said "The User is not active,Please Activate the account." So, it's obviously thinking my phone is deactivated.

When I was looking on the Verizon website to see if people had made any bad reviews about the phone, I didn't see my phone listed anywhere on the site...So I'm thinking that Verizon has stopped making this phone and they don't sell them anymore. If I take my phone in, will they try to give me another LG VX9400, or can I ask to get a different phone since I've had problems with it??? Or will they make me pay to get a brand new one, or possibly even a discounted price for a completely different style of phone???


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