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    how do you get music from bluetooth to telus music player on your LG keybo.
    i sent music from my computer to my Keybo and it ended up in the sound folder. its really kind of confusing (please i hope you don't mind my *****ing i know its bad) i lost the little memory card that goes in the keybo and thats why im putting it on via bluetooth. i want to transfer it but i cant figure it out. i know it kind of sounds confusing (it really is and im sorry)
    but if anyone could tell me how to transfer it i would feel less stupid then i already do.
    i will be checking often.

    please help

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    Re: i need help with my LG keybo(9100) and bluetooth

    Save yourself the time, just go buy a new memory card. Take the phone into Radio Shack, and they can help you!

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