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    Hi all, I have an lg cf360 and have an app saved on my computer that I want to put on my phone. I can connect to my computer via bluetooth but after looking around in the different functions like obex file transfer etc. and I cant find anything that might be able to install apps. When i click obex file transfer on the pc it says the ftp service is not found on the target device.

    Does anyone know how to install apps via bluetooth from computer to the lg cf360?

    Thanks, Greg

    PS. I miss the ease of messing with files on the moto razor with p2ktools or something or other.

    Edit: I forgot to add that I have a micro sd and my laptop reads them, is there a way to transfer the app there?I did put the .jar file from the card to the phone but it can only be saved to "other files".. ..I also just installed the usb driver from above sticky. I installed bitpim but my phone is not listed on that, does anyone know if there is a version that supports the cf360 or anyother programs?

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