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    Da 805
    Can someone please help me!! We have a lg neon phone. Everything is working great except we are having issues with the touch screen when checking Voicemail. We are unable to delete, save or skip messages. When pressing the number on screen, it does not register. The voicemail repeats options. There is no other problems with the touch screen, only when trying to use for voicemail. Customer Service wasnt able to help us with issue. Is there anyone out there with the same problem that knows how to fix? Thank you!!!

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    Re: Lg Neon Voicemail Issues Please HELP!!

    I'm having the same issue. I don't know what to do. I bought it as a go-phone at Walmart, but it's been over 90 days and I don't think I can return it there. I would really like to send it back. I'm getting really irritated as all the small issues of this phone keep adding up. It's also incredibly slow whenever I press any of the buttons. Rahhh

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