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    Cell Phone
    LG Shine-CU720
    AT&T Wireless
    I'd like to transfer the SMS text messages from my phone (LG Shine CU720, carrier AT&T) onto my computer, which runs on a Windows 7 system.

    I tried using the LG Phone Manager freeware (circa 2007), but it then says "failed to connect to the mobile handset", etc.etc.

    If anyone could offer any suggestions, I'd be very grateful. Much thanks in advance.

    eta: I did try BitPim. I read elsewhere on the internet it wouldn't be compatible with a phone that used AT&T as a carrier. Indeed it didn't work. It managed to connect at least, with the phone, but none of the transfer options were available. The phone is set on a Data Service Connection.

    See More: Question about transferring texts from my phone (LG Shine CU2720)
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