Product Description
If you're looking for superior multimedia capability wherever you go, and don't want to take out a second mortgage, look no further than the LG CU400. Loaded all the latest cell phone technology, this quad-band world phone with domestic UMTS capabilities will allow you to download data at speeds only dreamed of before. In fact, because the CU400 supports the UMTS protocol for high-speed data transfer, you'll be able to stream TV, video, and more, straight to the CU400.
The LG CU400 is a great entry level UMTS device for customers interested in the latest network technology to handle their voice, messaging and entertainment needs. The CU400 is Cingularís first Push to Talk UMTS device. The CU400 gives customers the ability to maximize their phone by providing fast, easy access to Cingular Video, Entertainment capabilities and a variety of multimedia/messaging capabilities.

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