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    Hi everyone

    I need help.

    I am in the process of unlocking this phone and I even purchased the unlocking codes (i got 5 !)

    All the instructions I get online say

    Model: LG GR500 Xenon, GR501

    1. Insert an authorized Sim Card and turn ON your phone

    2. Enter *#865625#

    3. Sim unlock mode will open up

    4. Enter Unlock Code

    5. Press OK

    6. Device should say “Network Lock Deactivated”

    7. Phone may automatically reboot and is now unlocked

    However - what they dont mention is when you select SIM UNLOCK it gives a bunch of options

    Network Lock
    .... Lock
    Support Lock
    ... Lock
    Sim Lock

    I dont know where I am supposed to be entering these codes and I am now on attempt 7 and I've stopped trying because I don't want to permenantly lock the phone

    SO can anyone help me out and/or what does someone do when the phone gets permenantly locked (just in case I run into that problem).

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: HELP LG Xenon Locked to Bell


    Premierement ils vous on renvoyer combien de code parce que pour le debloquage du LG Xenon de bell il vous faut deux code. Moi jai faite debloquer le mien par un site qui est http://www.mobileincanada.com/How-To...o-LG-Cellphone et jai rentrer les deux code et ca la fonctionnee a merveille

    premier code c le network lock pis le deuxieme c le service provide lock

    bonne chance
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