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    Hello. I just bought a USB cable for my cell phone because for some reason it wasn't included when I bought the cell.

    According to the manual my phone is: LG KU990i. The back of it says ISO800 DIVX. I tried to find KU990i on the website (as I had to identify my phone), but it only had KU990 Viewty as an option.

    I just got home from the store called El-Giganten (a big store in Denmark, and most of Scandinavia I believe), and according to the receit the USB cable is called: LGSGDY0011503 LG Data Kabel SGDY0011503. I looked up LG SGDY on Google and I found this website: foneshop com/lg/ks360/data-leads--cables/lg-kg800-genuine-data-lead (I can't post URL links as I'm new). This one says KS360.

    Then I looked around on the website and I found KU990 Viewty, and clicked Data Leads & Cables, and it found this: foneshop com/lg/ku990-viewty/data-leads--cables/lg-kg800-genuine-data-lead LG KU990 Viewty Original Data Cable - SGDY-0011503.The cable looks the same as the one for the KS360, and it has the same product code.

    Problem: When I plugged the cable into my computer into my computer, it says "Windows has to install the driversoftware for LG Mobile USB Modem" (let's call it USBM for short). I click the option called "Find and install driversoftware (recommended)". Then it searches (it says installing, but I think it's searching) for the USBM and ends up saying: "Waiting for the user to enter information". Then it opens another window that says: "Insert the disc that followed with USBM." I got no disc at all, so I click the only one option that is clickable: "I don't have the disc. Show me other opportunities."
    Now it opens up this window: "Windows could not find driversoftware to the unit" (I don't know if 'unit' is the right word, but it is the literal translation of the word 'enhed').
    I have two options to click: "Search for a solution" or "Browse through the computer for driversoftware (advanced)".
    I click the first option (solution). First it says "The driversoftware could not be found", but then it opens up another window which says (in English this time): i50.tinypic com/21enk14.jpg - since this window is in English there's no need for me to type it.
    Of course, I download the update (LGUSBModemDriver_Eng_WHQL_Ver_4.9.4_All.exe), but now here's the real problem:

    After I download the 'update' for the USB cable, I can no longer get the USB cable to work. 'Cause, first I plug the USB cable to my computer, and then afterwards I plug the cell phone to the USB cable, and NOTHING happens. However, when I uninstall the update for the USB cable and then plug the cell phone it opens up a window. After installing it I get NOTHING.

    Why is this? - Could it be because of my computer or because I have no disc?

    (Sorry for making this all so long, but hopefully this has been a help instead of an annoyance. Also, some of the words might not be correct, but I had to translate the technical stuff from Danish to English.)

    See More: KU990i won't connect to USB
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