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    i bought a new LG600g online from the net10 store. i got it yesterday. well it to forever to get the number but i got it. but this is the annoying part. when ever i try to send a text it will charge me the 0.5 cents and then say that the message failed sending. i've tried this in multiple areas and it still doesn't work. then when i try to get in the web after a while it says it can't connect and then disconnect but doesn;t charge me. then i tried calling my home phone inside my house, a voice basicly says that i can;t call this number because it is restricted or busy. i can't do anything with my cell phone. how do i fix this? and yes i have tons of minutes on my new phone.

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    Re: LG600g not working. can someone help me?

    I don't think you can figure it out by yourself, because the phone must be damaged or not well made. You should ask for a change from the store.

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