Am in my 70's now, so please bear with me a bit.
Have an LG VX-8300 and Verizon for service.

Have taken some pix for the first time, and am amazed how well they came out.
Would like to transfer them to my PC, without having to go thru Verizon and racking up more charges.

I understand that if I buy a Micro SD Card, and a reader, I can do this.
Any particular type to buy, or stay away from ?


a. Is 2 GB that largest card that this phone will support ?

b. Do I have to transfer the pix one at a time to the Card, or is there some way of transferring all the pix I have taken directly to the card with a single command ?

c. Do I have to format the card first ?

Any other caveats or things I should be asking about doing this; I never have before.

Much thanks,

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