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    HI, I have an LG GT400 Viewty Smile phone and I have downloaded two short video files that I created.
    When I play them the first time, they play with sound and no picture.
    I have two videos I have created myself,both behaving the same. One is 6min 38sec with a file format 320x240 @15fps file size 17.7MB and the other is 4min 12sec same file format & fps. with a file size of 11.3MB.

    Memory in User Memory, I have 146590 KB in Use with 1756Kb Free

    User Reserved Memory , I have 727Kb in use with 3774Kb free. USIM memory -In use 62Kb with 148Kb Free External Memory In use 177204Kb with 15477932Kb Free Primary Storage Setting to Handset Memory. - I Have also downloaded them again to the external memory to see if that solves my problem, but still the same.

    Pressing the PLAY starts it off with a time line on left of 00.00 and on right 00:06:38 (duration of clip) On pressing PLAY , If I leave it play for 6 seconds, then press the < and hold on it, it then "Rewinds"to start of clip (still blank) then if I let go of the " < " button ,it then starts to play with Picture & sound.

    If I put it on loop and play with above procedure to get it to play,when it restarts on its own, it is again with out a picture!! Has anyone any ideas please?

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    Re: LG GT400 Playing videos

    telecharge dvd video soft puis dans le menu va dans mobile puis free video to lg phone telecharge le ensuite quand tu lance le logiciel tu auras en bas le format monte et regarde tu auras vewty smile colle ta video sur le carré au dessus convertit et le tour est joué ( normalement ) en esperant que sa t'auras aider .
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