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    I have an env2 and my toddler was playing with it the other day and he erased my purchased ringtones! I did not buy them from my service provider and I would prefer not to purchase them again. My husband has an android phone and it's impossible to delete his ringtones so I don't understand why I can't figure out how to retore mine to my env. Shouldn't they be hidden somewhere in the phone's memory and easily retrieved? Verizon of course just wants me to repurchase the ringtones through them.

    I appreciate the help!


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    Re: How to restore ringtones?

    Sometimes, if you contact the service you bought them through they'll let you get them again if it hasn't been a long time.

    You might have been able to back-up the ringtones using BitPim but it's too late now.

    You could just use BitPim and your own audio program to make your own replacement ringtones but there's a bit of learning curve for that. It works great. I've never paid for ringtones for my enV2.

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