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    Cell Phone
    Samsung Alias 2 SCH-U750
    I have a question. I need to know if and how you can retrieve old deleted text messages on an enV3 phone through Verizon. I need to know if you need a program. I contacted Verizon and they said they were unable to provide this information for me even though I am the account holder. Any suggestions. I would like quick answers if possible.

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    Re: Old deleted text messages

    I just read a post by "pittbullstew" from last year stating that old verizon voice messages were obtained and sent for a fee. --
    I too need to obtain deleted text and voice messages. I know that these are stored outside of Verizon, has anyone else actually been successful obtaining your own cell records?
    I am also trying to find the FCC regulations regarding this topic since Verizon reps will tell me different policies each time I contact them.

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