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    Oh dear - just saw how muddy the title is - what I want to say is :

    new LG500R cell phone will not show OLD Nokia sim contacts in address book ( I took off the back of the cell and put in the old sim card, thinking it was simple to transfer numbers . . . NOT !!! )

    must I input contacts, one by one ? Is there a simple way to do this on the Mac or PC ?

    I wonder about Google's Doc" or Spreadsheet programs . . . could I create a contact list, plug in the new cell phone and would it transfer to the sim card ?

    ( Have used a Mac for years. Also have a PC notebook. However, I am not familiar with cell phones - use them to talk only.)

    MANY thanks !
    Coline in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

    See More: new LG500R sim card will not show Nokia sim contacts . . .
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