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    Another lawsuit is happening and this time it's between Sony and LG Electronics in the U.S. Sony has sued LG Electronics in the US, when Sony found out and claimed that LG had some phones and modems that infringed several of it's patents.

    Due to the lawsuit, LG is now on hold on shipping their LG Quantum, LG Encore, LG Accolade, LG Neon, LG Rumor Touch and several other LG handsets. A complaint has been filed with the US ITC by Sony. Luckily, one of the LG handsets that was not mentioned in the list of infringements was the LG Optimus One.

    The lawsuit has to do with infringing upon patents due to caller ID technology, transmission power and microphone devices built in the phones.

    via: Sony says some LG phones sold in the US infringe it patents Unwired View

    See More: Sony sues LG Electronics for infringing on some of their patents
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