So I recently dropped this phone in a tiny puddle 6 days ago. Quickly retrieved it, put it in a bag of rice and let it stay for 5-6 hours.
Turned it on, keyboards/buttons were a mess; they were not their own letters (I press G, it was B)
Turned it off. Let it stay in the bag for another 2-4 hours.
Turned it on. Worked fine.

NOW, 6 days later, just a few hours ago, it started to go awry again. The "Unlock" (the left - button) and the "Yes" (the right - button) button is not working watsoever.

It would go into screens that I did not press, calling people on its own and exiting itself out of the screen without touching anything.

What is going on???? :S
What shud I do??? I just recently moved to a city that does not have my provider service centre.

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