I have the LG620g phone through straight talk cell service and it will not let me check my text message balance, please help me?
It will show the number of minutes I used, but it won't show the number of megabytes I have used for the internet or the number of text messages I have sent since the start of the month. I have a 1000 text limit. When I go to the straight talk website, and plug in my phone number, it just shows what texting plan I have, which is 1000, and it only shows the minutes I've used since the start of the month, but NOT the number of texts I've used or the amount of megabytes for the internet, which I've had 30 MB at the start of the month. I have tried every way possible to check the number of texts and megabyte usage, but there just doesn't seem to be a way, even on the website, it only shows the minute balance. This is ridiculous. Any info will be helpful. I've read on a forum somewhere, that straight talk's customer service will not give you your text balance, which I hope this isn't the case because it's aggravating. 50,000 points for best answer. Thanks.

. I would have got the unlimited plan this month, but I was on a limited budget.

****I have talked with the straight talk representative and their supervisor, and they still are saying that I have 1000 text messages and 30 MB of Internet usage. Now, what if it runs out of texts, all of a sudden in a couple of weeks? They can tell me my minutes used, but the supervisor still says I have 1000 text message and 30 MB after I refilled my acount a week ago, and I know I've sent more than that. I can still text and get on the web. It might as well be the unlimited card, which is 45 dollars, but I paid 30 dollars. I'm not complaining, i'm just not getting anywhere with finding my text balance or internet usage as of today. No one can tell me. I talked to Walmart, where they sell those prepaid cards,and the lady there said straight talk is more concerned about talk minutes, so why don't they just say unlimited text messages and internet with 1000 minutes of talk time. I got lucky out of the deal if I still have the same amount of text messages and megabytes on my internet, and I've even fallen asleep once already reading my internet, and it was on all night, so I know I've used knocked down a lot of the 30 Megabytes of data.

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