I'm new to this forum and website, and don't know if I'm posting my questions in the right category, and sorry about the long questions, but the smallest problems with cell phones are annoying sometimes. Please help. Any advice welcome. Thanks.

On my LG620g cell phone, why can't I go to websites directly, but can bring them up on google like yahoo answers website?
On my cell phone, why can't I direct address certain websites like yahoo answers?
Why can't I go to yahoo answers or other pages directly on my cell phone's internet?
I have a prepaid cell phone now through straight talk, and I can't go to yahoo answers website directly; however, when I google my questions that I have asked, I can bring up the answers on the site that way. Why can't I go to it directly on my cell phone because it says insufficient memory, but yet, I can click on a link in google to the question I googled, and yahoo answers opens up that way? It's weird. It did the same thing when I used to be with Verizon wireless.
I always delete the cache on my phone, and it still doesn't work. I can only go to yahoo answers through google searches. I have an lg620 phone through straight talk prepaid service. I understand some websites are too large in capacity, and I have come across that before, which it willl give me that same notification that I have insufficient memory, but some websites like yahoo answers, I can search for a question on google that has been asked on that website, and it will open up the website without that insuffficient memory warning pop up.

Like if I type in Yahoo! Answers - Home it will not go to the website, and it will say insufficient memory, but if I go to google on my phone's browser, and google this question I ask, it will open up yahoo answers that way, and show all the answers to this question. If I come across someone elses question, I can just google that on my phone, and it will bring up that question and answers, but it will not direct address yahoo answers. It's strange.

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