Hi folks I bought a lg kc 910 renoir and its a pretty good phone..but I loaded a bunch of music on it and went and bought that little cassette thing that you plug into your car stereo so you can plug your phone into!!!!!!!!well this renoir does'nt have an y ROUND HOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the headphone jack that you usually use for thsi move is the same as the charger??????????its the flat one....noiw what the HECK do i di....???I have no idea how to get this to hook up in my car?????does anyone know what to do here??I have never even seen a phone without a headphone jack that wasnt round????well now I have 3000 songs on this phone and no way to play them in my ride??? I cant imagine they wouldnt have a fix for th is its just that I cant find one yet???please help if y ou know anyhting???thanks Kev my email is [email protected] if you want to send me a freekin idea?????soemtimes I forget how to get back on these forum things

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