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    LG Neon II Blue
    i have a lg neon 2 (gw370), i was trying to find usb drivers for it to make it work as a modem for my laptop win7 but never find anything
    so i try this and it work for me

    1. download the connection manager from att home page
    Tethered Smartphones - AT&T BusinessDirect® | Premier Business Center
    2. then install it
    3. set the phone in setting-connection-usb connection mode-data service
    4. plug it to the pc with data cable
    and guess what .. windows recognize the phone as modem and let you create a dial up connection through your phone
    problem solved !!!
    looks like the connection manager install all the drivers windows need to recognize the phone
    i try it with my laptop win7 and my desktop winxp pro and both work perfect
    the connection speed is 156 kb/s

    i never try to connect using the connection manager, just using the drivers he install in my pc
    att connection manager page say that neon 2 (gw370) is not supported by the program, but who cares any way if you get the drivers you need

    hope this help to NEON 2 (gw370) owners like me

    See More: LG Neon 2 (gw370) tethering
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