The world's third largest mobile phone manufacturer LG has launched a new smartphone Optimus LTE, this phone USES the south Korean fourth generation network technology, and is also trying to reverse its mobile phone LG latest measure of business fortunes around. Optimus LTE will by the end of this year in the Christmas sales blitz and samsung Galaxy S 4 gb and 4 G network using standard of apple's new generation iPhone in direct competition. Earlier, LG mobile phone business department has five consecutive quarterly loss, the company will later this month issued the third quarter earnings, due to a lack of attractive high-end phones, LG mobile phone business outside estimates will further losses.
Relative to the competition, LG in the smartphone business, and by the slow response to the small in scale, the company failed to from cheap phone demand growth in profit. LG senior vice President, marketing director for the Korean market Na Young-bae when interviewed said: "Optimus LTE is we launched one of competitive products, make full use of our LTE and display technology." Optimus LTE 4.5 inch hd screen, with a 8 million pixels of rear camera and a 1.3 million pixel camera, the lead of 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, qualcomm carrying Google the latest version of Android operating system "ginger bread", hardware configuration similar samsung Galaxy S II LTE.

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