For 3 D movies, it has long been commonplace, but if start from now at home can enjoy only before in the 3 D movie theater to get fun, that will be a kind of what kind of feeling? LG electronics before the launch of the "everything is 3 D" fully 3 D solutions, make many family walked into the 3 D world, experience their infinite charm. Imagine in the party, here are some people are using 3 D camera phone in place of the traditional party lively scene for the 3 D image and pictures, and then through the HDMI connection the image amplifier to the 3 D TV and the more DuoRen share; And a group of people over there and are using 3 D display an entirely new 3 D game battle. So busy scene, is not far away from you. LG proposed fully 3 D solution, you can experience "creating, sharing and watch" the system of 3 D service.

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