Use Your LG Nitro HD As A Mobile Hotspot

Using this function will provide a mobile broadband connection for up to 8 other devices. To do this, navigate to 'Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks > Tethering and Portable Hotspot > Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot'.

Transferring Files Using USB Mass Storage

If you wish to transfer files to/from your phone using it as a mass storage device, connect the phone to a PC using a USB cable. The connection display prompt will pop up and from here, select 'Mass Storage' followed by the 'OK' button. You will now be able to view the files from a PC and can move, transfer and delete them.

Making A Second Call

If you are currently on the phone and want to make a second call or add another call to the existing conversation, tap the 'Menu/Search' key. Dial the number of your contact or select it from the list. Tap the 'Call' key to dial the number. You will see both called displayed on the screen but your first call will be placed on hold. You can tap the call entry on the screen to toggle between calls or you can tap the 'Merge Calls' to merge the calls into one conversation.

Format The microSD Card

If you find yourself needing to format a new microSD card for your phone, press the 'Menu' key. From here, navigate to 'Settings > Storage > Unmount SD Card > OK'. Now, tap the 'Erase SD Card' option twice. If you set an unlock pattern, enter it and tap 'Erase Everything'. The card will be formatted and made ready to use.

Returning To A Recently Used Application

In order to Switch-Back and forth between multiple applications, follow this approach. Touch and hold the 'Home' key, which will display the applications that have recently been in use. Tap the icon of the application you wish to open back up or you can tap the 'Back' key to return to the current application.

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