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    In the event one needs to send their phone in for repairs, you must revert your phone and unroot it. Here is the tutorial on how to do that.

    Revert System/Data to OEM

    1. Download the Nandroid stock backup and save it to your desktop.

    2. Turn off your phone, then reboot by holding the volume down and power buttons until it boots into Recovery Mode.

    3. Navigate to 'Backup and Restore' and select 'Backup' to begin a backup of your phone.

    4. Once the phone indicates that the backup is complete, navigate back to the Main Menu and select 'Reboot System Now'.

    5. Once the phone has rebooted, connect it to your computer via USB cable. Mount the SD card on the phone to enable file transfer.

    6. Open the SD Card through 'My Computer' (on Windows) and locate the folder named 'clockworkmod' and one inside that folder named 'backup'.

    7. Extract the downloaded stock backup to your desktop. All files should be in a folder named the same as the original .zip file.

    8. Copy and paste this folder into the 'clockworkmod > backup' directory on the SD card.

    9. Unplug the device from the computer and reboot folling the same procedure in step 2.

    10. Navigate to 'Backup and Restore' and select 'Restore'.

    11. Choose the newly-added stock backup and wait for the restoration process to complete.

    12. Once complete, select 'Wipe Data > Factory Reset'.

    13. When the wipe is completed, select 'Reboot System Now'. When your phone reboots, you should see the same screen as you saw when it initially was purchased and turned on for the first time.

    Restore Stock Recovery Image

    You will need to read the How To Flash A Custom Recovery Image tutorial in order to proceed.

    1. Remove the battery from your phone.

    2. Right-click 'OneClickRecoveryFlasher.exe'; this is located in the 'NvFlasher' folder inside the extracted contents from the Custom Recovery Tutorial. Choose the 'Run As Administrator' option.

    3. Hold the Volume Up and Down buttons down (continue holding until further notice) and connect the phone to the computer via USB cable.

    4. Click on 'Flash Stock Recovery' on your computer.

    5. Once you see the 'S/W Upgrade Please Wait While Upgrading', you can let go of the Volume Up and Down buttons. If you receive any errors during this process, unplug the device and restart the process.

    6. Once complete, the command prompt will request you to 'Press Any Key to Continue'. Do this and unplug your device from the computer.

    Unrooting The Phone

    1. Download and open SuperOneClick 1.7

    2. Plug your device in via USB cable and click the 'Unroot' button in SuperOneClick; wait for the process to complete.

    3. Assuming the process completed with no errors, check your applications to see if the 'Superuser' app is still there. If not, you have successfully reverted your phone.

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    Re: Unroot and OEM Restore T-Mobile/LG G2X

    I am getting an MD5 Mismatch error.

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