With your phone, you can enjoy social networking and manage your micro-blog in on-line communities. You can update your current status, upload photos, and view your friendsí status updates in real-time. You can add your Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace accounts to your phone. If you donít have an account, you can visit their sites to set one up.

Adding an account to your phone - From the Home screen, tap the Menu Key > Settings > Accounts & sync. Tap Social+ settings. Tap any social networking service you want to use. Enter your email address and password that you set up for your social networking account, then tap Log in.

Adding a social networking widget on the home screen - If you add a social networking widget on your Home screen, the widget will show your status when your phone receives updates from the network. You can also access the social community directly by tapping the widget. Touch and hold an empty spot on the Home screen. NOTE: If there is no available space on a particular Home screen panel, you won't be able to add any widget; you must delete or remove an item before you can add another item. In this case, you have the option of switching to another Home screen panel. When various Widgets appear, scroll through the widget and tap Social+.

Viewing and updating your status - Go to the Home screen panel where the Social+ widget is. You can see the current status of social applications you set. You can select each social application you'd like to view.Tap the arrow (for example, on the upper right corner of the widget and tap the social application you'd like to display. Tap "What are you doing?" field to update your status with comments or upload pictures.- Check all the social applications you'd like to update. It will simultaneously update all. After entering comments with attachment (if any), tap Post.

Syncing accounts on your phone - You can sync information from your social networking accounts with your Contacts and other functions on your phone, if applicable. From the Home screen, tap the Menu Key > Settings > Accounts & sync. Choose the account you want to synchronize and enter the necessary information. Check Background data and Auto-sync. Tap the account to sync. Check sync options such as Sync Contacts. A refresh icon indicates that synchronization has been enabled.

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