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    Hi friends i recently purchased lg optimus black. the phone is outstanding in specs...fair batterybackup and good hd support.my only problem is data connectivity. i use a 2g vodafone sim with 2gb/month offer..it was good in the beginning..sync is good net is good and supports all kinds of data using widgets..like accu weather etc...but frm few daz its behaving different...it coldnt update weather..cannot sync gmail and not able to open market..but i am able to use internet through browser at a good speed..and sync is also being done only sometimes and wen it is happenning im able to open market and download apps...

    i tried: restored to factory settings
    Changed sim and used airtel
    contacted service center.(he told its a network prob but i fo have a good full signal,though i am able to use net through browser)

    So friends plz help me with solving the prob.. btw my version is 2.2(froyo) i dont have wifi..

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    Re: help reg LG OPTIMUS BLACK P970

    If your carrier has network problem, you may have good signal strength...but nothing on it.
    Wait till they fix their problem.
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