SmartShare is a way to share files over wireless connections between multiple SmartShare-compatible devices.

Turn On SmartShare

Navigate to your applications and select SmartShare. From here, tap the Settings icon and then select 'Settings'. Tap the 'Discoverable' check-box to enable your device to receive and send SmartShare requests. If you wish, tap 'Always accept request' to be able to automatically accept sharing requests from other devices. Under the 'Sharing Contents' section, tap Pictures, Videos and Music to indicate which types of those files you would like to share. At this point, SmartShare is ready to go and can send and receive content.

Share Remote Library Content With Other Devices

All devices must be SmartShare/DLNA compatible in order to share. Perhaps you have shared content from your phone to your PC and now want to link your PC to another object. You can send movies and pictures to a larger device or screen (such as a TV) from a remote PC to view them. To do this, touch the 'To' button or select the device from a list of “renderers”. Touch the 'From' button and choose the device from where the content is coming. At this point, you will be able to browse the library and select the specific content to share. To share, press the thumbnail, select the Options icon and select 'Play'.

Share Phone Content With Other Devices

To share content directly from your phone to a larger device or screen, select the desired file and hold down on it to be able to select multiple pieces of content. Now, tap 'Share' followed by 'SmartShare'. Press the 'Play' button and select the desired device the content will be shared with from the list.

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