Communicate With Your Contacts

From the Contacts or Favorites tab, you can call or send a text/multimedia message to a contact's default phone number. You can also open a menu to use different methods of communicating with that particular contact. By tapping on that contact, a series of options will appear:

  • Phone call
  • Text/MMS message
  • Gmail
  • Locate

To dial a contact's default number easily, select and hold the contact and press 'Call contact' when it appears. The same can be done for texts by selecting and holding, followed by choosing 'Text contact'.

Transfer Your Contacts

To import a series of contacts from a microSD card (contacts must be in vCard format), navigate to the Contacts tab. Select the options icon (the icon with four squares) > Import/Export > Import from SD Card. Select the import option and press 'OK'. To export a series of contacts to a microSD card, follow the same procedure but select 'Export' instead of 'Import'.

To share a contact with somebody else, select the contact in the Contacts tab and tap the options icon, followed by 'Share'. You can now select the method by which you would like to share and with whom.

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