View Contacts

1. Press Home > Contacts.
2. Touch an entry, and then touch Contact Details.

Add a New Contact

1. Press Home > Contacts > Add New > New Contact.
2. Touch Enter Name, enter a name for the new entry and touch Done.
3. Touch Add Number, enter the phone number and touch Done.
4. Touch a number type for the entry (Mobile, Home, Work, Pager, Fax, or Other).
5. Enter additional information if desired and touch Done.

Edit Contacts

1. Press Home > Contacts.
2. Highlight the entry you want to edit and touch Contact Details > Edit.
3. Highlight the information you wish to edit.
4. Add or edit the information and touch Done.
5. Touch Done to save your changes.

Delete a Contacts Entry

1. Press Home > Contacts.
2. Highlight an entry or a group you want to delete.
3. Touch Contact Details > Delete.
4. Touch Delete.

Send a Message

1. Slide the keyboard out and touch Message –or– Press Home > Send Message.
2. Select a recipient from the list or from the following options:

• New Addr. to enter a recipient’s phone number or email address directly. Touch Done to proceed.
• Go to Contacts to select a recipient from your Contacts. (Qualifying Contacts entries must contain a phone number or an email address.)

3. Compose a message and touch Done.
4. Touch <Add Attachment> and select files you would like to attach.
5. Review your message and touch Send.

Read a message

When you receive a message, your phone will display a notification message. Touch the notification bubble to view the message.

Reply to a message

1. While the message is displayed, touch Reply.
2. Compose a reply and touch Send.

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