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    Just opened up the packaging on my lg800g, notice NONE of the online tutorials mention a speed-dialing option, is there one and if so how do you access it, have that feature on my old Samsung T401g and would hope it's hidden in there somewhere on the LG800G

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    Re: Speed dialing on LG 800G

    To create the speed dial:
    1. Go to your home screen, select contacts.
    2. Select menu > Speed Dials
    3. The first one is reserved for voice mail - Select one of the other numbers
    4. Select a contact you want to assign to that speed dial number

    There is a max of 8 speed dials

    To get those speed dials to show on your phone:
    1. Go to your home screen and swipe to your left to bring up the speed dial screen.
    2. Select the triangle in the lower left (it will move up) and then drag the speed dial(s) to the screen to make them active.
    3. Select the triangle again (it will move down) and your speed dials will be available.

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