Your LG Escape supports an up to 32GB microSD card. So you can store your music, video and pictures on the card if you do not have enough storage space on your phone.

To Insert the MicroSD Card

1. Remove the back cover and gently insert the SD Card into its slot. Make sure the gold contacts are facing downwards.

Note: Some applications store data on the microSD card as well as the phone. For this reason, if you skip the unmount procedure, you may receive an error as the phone and the card may not have all the information accorded properly. In worst case scenario, it will even damage the microSD card as well as your phone and the data stored on the card may be corrupted. Thus, it's very important to unmount the card every time before you remove it from the phone

To Safely Remove the MicroSD Card

1. From the home screen, tap Menu.
2. Go to Settings.
3. Tap Storage.
4. Tap Unmount SD Card.
5. Now tap OK.
6. It is now safe to remove the SD Card from your LG Escape.
7. Remove the battery cover and gently pull the SD card from the phone.

To Format Your MicroSD Card

You SD card may already be formatted, but in case it is not, it's very important that you format it. There are just a few easy steps that you need to follow:

1. From the home screen press the Menu key.
2. Tap Settings.
3. Go to Storage.
4. Tap Unmount SD card.
5. Tap OK.
6. Now tap Erase SD card twice.
7. If you set up a password or unlock pattern, enter it and choose Erase Everything.
8. Your card should now be successfully formatted and ready to use.

Note: Formatting the microSD card will delete any file that existed on the card, so the folder structure may be different after the format as all the files will have been deleted.

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