To add an icon to your Home screen:

1. Go to the desired home screen.
2. Touch and hold an empty space on the Home screen or press the + sign located at the top right side.

Note: If there’s no space available on the home screen you have selected, you will have to remove or delete one of the apps you have there or simply go to a different home screen.

3. Select the desired tab (you can choose from Apps, Downloads, Widgets and Wallpapers) and tap the app that you want to add to the home screen.

With LG Splendor, you can even resize the apps that you add on the home screen. To do that, you have to:

1. Touch the home screen.
2. Press and hold the icon that you want to resize, and then release the finger.
3. If the icon can be resized, a blue frame will appear around it.
4. To resize the app, drag the edges of the frame.

The LG Splendor allows you to customize the app icons, so you can make and use an icon with the pictures you have in your Gallery or just choose one of the other options available, for example. To customize your icons:

1. Tap and hold the app that you want to customize, and then release the finger.
2. You should see a paintbrush in the corner of the icon.
3. Touch that icon.
4. You will now see a selection of icons that you can choose from. Select the desired icon.
5. Or you can tap Create photo icon located at the bottom of the screen. This will open the camera app, so you can take a picture right then or you can Select from Gallery to use one of the pictures that you have available in the Gallery.

To create a folder

1. While you are on any of the home screens, tap and drag an icon onto another.
2. This will create a new folder that will include the two apps.
3. Tap the folder to open it.
4. You can change the color and the name of the icon. To do that, tap the folder tab -> choose the color you want for the folder and type the desired name.

To customize the lock screen

1. Tap the Menu key.
2. Select Lock screen settings.
3. Touch Clock and shortcuts and then select the app that you want to replace with Clock and shortcuts.
4. Now select a new icon to use as a replacement.
5. Tap Save.

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