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    If you create your own ringtones, just remember that it can't be more than 20 seconds long (18 is best) - and that is longer than you think.

    Size can also be an issue. Ringtones play for 30 seconds before going to missed call and the 900G will only accept tones no larger than around 250kb.

    Audacity is a great free MP3 / sound file editor that you can use to make sound clips of your favorite MP3's into ringtones. Set bit rate in Audacity to 64 for ringtones up to 30 seconds, Audacity set up page will show you how. This will keep file size around 240kb.

    Prerecorded MP3 files can be 'shrunk' to a smaller size. You lose some sound quality, but hey - this is a ringtone. Search 'compress MP3 files to find more info.

    See More: LG 900G Black: Do it yourself ringtones.

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    Re: LG 900G Black: Do it yourself ringtones.

    Thanks for the info!

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