Every once in a while there will be the need to do a hard reset on your smartphone. The process is not usually that difficult and you can read through the steps right here today.

If you are one to be playing around inside your new smartphone, you might run into having to do this more often than the regular smartphone user so pay attention.

How to do a hard reset on your LG Optimus One:
  1. Go to the home screen and TAP Menu
  2. TAP Settings -> TAP Privacy
  3. Tap Factory Reset -> TAP Reset Phone
  4. Here you might have to enter a password, if so, do that and TAP Erase Everything to confirm

These steps should get your phone reset to the factory conditions and you can continue from there just like you would have the first time you used it. If these steps do NOT work for you, there could be an issue or your phone could be frozen.

How to do a hard reset on your LG Optimus One (if the above did not work):
  1. Power off your phone (or pull the battery if frozen)
  2. Hold the HOME and VOLUME DOWN buttons
  3. Press and hold POWER until your phone turns on
  4. Now you can follow the on screen directions to RESET your phone

Please remember:
Once you complete one or both of these situations, all of the data including any third party applications will be deleted from your LG Optimus One.

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