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    I already purchased the LG Marquee before I joined Sprint PCS but then decided the monthly bills were outrageuos with hidden fees and taxes so I went to Boost Mobile which runs off the same network. To my susprise I was able to easily but my LG Marquee Sprint phone on my monthly unlimited prepaid account saving a ton of money over the long term. However, I got a Sprint Iphone 4 at a great price and bought the R-III Gevey Ultra Sim but was told I have to flash the iphone 4 to Verizon and then will only be able to get a Cricket or Page Plus account not keep my Boost account . Is there any validity to this , anyone have any suggestions, recommendations?


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    Re: LG Marquee: Converted from Sprint to Boost Mobile

    Although it has been done, Boost Mobile doesn't have a Bring Your Own Device program at this time. If you want to use Boost Mobile, you should purchase a Boost Mobile phone.

    There are some Sprint Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) that are allowing you to bring your own phone, but I don't think the iPhone is allowed.

    If Cricket Wireless has 1,900 Mhz in your area, you should be able to use the phone on their network. From what I've heard, Page Plus does not allow an iPhone to be activated (although, like with Boost Mobile, it has been done). The best option would probably be Cricket Wireless if there is 1,900 Mhz where you are located. You can view the coverage map. If there are diagonal lines going through your area, you cannot use the iPhone. If there are no lines at all, you should be able to flash and use the iPhone.

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