Blocking phone calls can be a very nice feature to have if you are being bothered by some that you can not avoid or if you just have to have an hour of silence from your phone while you are in a meeting.

This HOW TO is going to cover how you can block phone calls on your LG Optimus G handset.

If you would like to block a call following these simple instructions:
  1. Go to PHONE
  2. Then MENU
  3. and on to CALL SETTINGS
  4. and tap the CALL REJECTION
  5. then you will see the AUTO REJECT LIST

From there you can select to AUTO REJECT all unknown numbers just by ticking the box near that option. If you want to CREATE a specific block list, you can do that by entering a specific number or a contact into a list.

To add a contact to the AUTO REJECT LIST:
  2. Navigate to the CONTACT in question
  3. Select MENU
  4. Add to REJECT LIST

If you would like to reject a caller via text message you can do that by dragging REJECT CALL WITH MESSAGE option up when a call comes through that you would rather not answer. This will bring up a selection of text messages you can then send to the caller, but if you would rather make your own message, you can do so with the following steps:
  1. Go to PHONE
  2. Click MENU

This will give you the choice to edit the messages you want to send to others calling, that you want to reject nicely, or not so nicely. This feature can come in handy while you are driving, in a public place or just if you do not plan on answering any phone calls.

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