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    i have heard differing opinions regarding killing unused apps with task manager,saving space, battery reserve etc. how about some input. i am told that android has ways to handle unused apps and using your task killer isn't! needed,then why is it in there?!

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    Re: task manager / use or no use

    From what I've read, a task manager isn't needed, Android knows when the close applications and when to keep them running. They're high up on the Play Store because people download them because they think it speeds up their phone or makes their battery last longer (which it might). I'm just saying that from what I've read, it's not necessary, because Android knows how to handle the applications.

    I don't use one because of that.

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    Re: task manager / use or no use

    I have never used a task manager on my phone. Think about it, how often do you really use a task manager on your computer to kill an app? Probably never or at least not that often. The only time you might need it is if the app locks up, but even then you ca just reboot the phone. There are settings in the phone that allow you to reserve the battery when it gets low so I just use those.

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