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    Does your mobile phone is locked to one provider and you want to use different network SIM cards worldwide?
    Do you want to travel around the world without problem of calling with foreign networks?

    No problem!

    Our service will help you to unlock your mobile phone easily, permanently and not void the warranty.
    It will allows you to use SIM cards with other networks, for example when you want to change service provider without buying a new phone or you want to travel abroad with ability to call everywhere from the same SIM card.

    LG Optimus L5 unlock method is absolutely secure. The phone is not subjected to any modification of software. Phone blocked is removed permanently, by the way that use the phone factories. Codes come from producers who have predicted such way for unlock your model.

    It is the safest way to unlock your LG!

    If for some reasons our codes won't unlock your LG, we guarantee 100% money back!

    LG Optimus L5 by code is very easy, you don't have to have any special skills to remove sim blockade from your LG Optimus L5

    To complete the order we will need IMEI number and the correct model of your phone.

    How to enter code in LG Optimus L5 ?
    To enter the unlock code into LG Optimus L5 do:
    1. Power on your LG Optimus L5 with the original SIM card in.
    2. Enter 2945#*610# .
    3. A menu will pop up, select SIM Unlock or network lock.
    4. Enter your NCK unlock code and hit OK.
    5. Your LG Optimus L5 may automatically reboot.
    6. Now phone is unlocked.
    We are also able to unlock other phone models for example:

    LG E400
    LG GT540
    LG Optimus L7
    LG E510 Optimus Hub

    and many other models! Here you can find all models:

    See More: Unlock your LG Optimus L5 ! It is full unlock, safe and permanent, warranty becomes unaffected !
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