Recording a Video and Capturing Live Snapshots

  1. From the home screen, tap the "Camera" icon
  2. Tap the "Camera to video" icon if necessary, in order to switch to video recording mode (located at the top right corner of the screen in landscape mode)
  3. Tap the "Record" button once to start recording
  4. Optionally, you can capture Live Snapshots while recording a video. To do so, tap the icon that appears above the "Record" button (while recording, it replaces the "Camera to video" icon)
  5. Press the "Record" button again to end the recording process

Enable Dual Recording Mode

  1. Tap the "Camera" icon on your home screen
  2. Tap the "Camera to video" button that is found in the top-right corner of the display (in landscape mode). Make sure it's set on video recording mode
  3. At the left of the display, press the "Record mode" icon, depicted as a film strip
  4. Select "Dual recording" and press "OK"
  5. Optionally, you can tap and hold on the secondary frame, then drag it in the desired position. You can also adjust the frame size by dragging the corners of the frame
  6. Press the "video recording" icon to start recording (right side of the screen – landscape mode)

Applying a Live Effect To Your Videos

  1. Access your camera by tapping the icon on the home screen
  2. Make sure that your handset is in recording mode
  3. Tap the "Video mode" icon then select "Live effect" and press "OK"
  4. Browse through the available live effects and select the desired one by tapping on it
  5. Once selected, you can start recording!

Enable "Audio Zoom"

"Audio Zoom" allows you to enhance audio quality, reduce noise and increase sound sensitivity. Only available in landscape mode.

  1. Access your camera application and ensure that you are in video recording mode
  2. Tap the "Audio" icon (second one to the left of the display, counting top to bottom in landscape mode)
  3. Tap the "On" option and confirm by pressing "OK"
  4. Start recording the video

Enabling WDR Recording

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Recording on the LG Optimus G Pro enables you to record videos at different exposure levels

  1. Access the "Camera" app from your home screen
  2. Tap the "Camera to video" button (if necessary)
  3. Press the "Video mode" icon depicted as a film strip
  4. Select "WDR Recording" and confirm by tapping "OK"
  5. Tap the "Record" button to start, and stop the recording process

View Your Photos and Videos

  1. Press the "Apps" icon on the home screen
  2. Browse the apps drawer and find "Gallery". Tap on it
  3. Select the desired album > image or video

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