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    Capturing Photos in "Burst Shot" Mode

    Burst Shot enables you to capture up to 20 pictures in a few blinks of an eye

    1. Tap the "Camera" icon on the home screen
    2. Make sure you are in "photo" mode. (The button to switch between video and photo modes is located in the bottom-right corner of the screen in portrait mode)
    3. Press the "Shot mode" icon located at the top-mid section of the display
    4. Select "Burst Shot"
    5. Tap "OK" to confirm
    6. Press and hold the camera icon at the bottom of the screen (portrait mode) in order to capture burst shots. The longer you hold the button, the more burst shots you'll capture! (up to 20 shots)

    Using "Time Catch" Mode

    Using Time Catch will allow you to capture images, moments before you actually press the camera/shutter icon. (Useful to avoid those unwanted photos where a friend has been captured with his or her eyes closed)

    1. Access the camera app from your home screen
    2. Tap the "Time Catch" icon. (Second icon at the top of the display, counting left to right in portrait mode)
    3. Press the camera icon to start capturing photos
    4. Tap the "Time Catch" icon located at the bottom left of the display
    5. Tap on the photo you wish to save, then confirm by pressing the "Save" icon at the top-right of the display

    Using Panorama Mode

    Panorama mode enables you to capture 180 degrees panorama shots with your smartphone. To do so:

    1. Tap the "Camera" icon
    2. Press the "Shot mode" icon
    3. Select "Panorama"
    4. Tap the camera icon to start capturing photos. Slowly and steadily, move your smartphone from side to side as indicated by the on-screen arrows
    5. Press the "Stop" icon when ready. To view the panorama photo, tap the icon located at the bottom-right corner of the screen (landscape mode)

    Using VR Panorama Mode

    VR Panorama works very much like normal Panorama Mode, but it allows the user to capture a 360 degree panoramic shot in all directions (much like Photo-Sphere)

    1. Follow the first two steps explained above, then select "VR Panorama" instead of "Panorama". Confirm by pressing "OK"
    2. Tap the camera icon to start capturing photos. Move the smartphone from side to side and point the camera at the blue box that appears on the screen in various locations / positions
    3. Tap the "Stop" icon to end the process

    Note: For Part 2 of the LG Optimus G Pro camera tutorial click this link!

    See More: Use Various LG Optimus G Pro Camera Features (Burst Shot, Time Catch, Panorama and more) - Part 1
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