Accessing Your Calendar – Basic Features

  1. Tap the "Calendar" app located on your home screen (if it's missing, you can find the app by accessing "Apps" from the home screen)
  2. You can swipe left or right in order to navigate between different months of the year
  3. By tapping the drop down menu located at the top-left corner of the display, you can switch between "day, week, month and agenda" views

Adding an Appointment / Event To Your Calendar

  1. Access the "Calendar" app
  2. Select a date on which you want to add an appointment
  3. Press the "Add event" icon located at the top-right corner of the display (depicted as a "+" symbol)
  4. Select the desired option (in this instance, we'll use "Phone")
  5. Type-in the name of the appointment in the "Event name" field
  6. If needed, you can tap the "Location" field to add a location of the appointment / event
  7. Under the "From" section, tap the hour field and set the desired start time for the event
  8. Press "OK" once the appropriate time is set
  9. Under the "To" section, tap the hour field once more and select an end time for the appointment / event
  10. Scroll the page down and add additional information if you so desire, then press "Save" when ready

Editing an Appointment / Event in Your Calendar

  1. Access the "Calendar" application
  2. Tap a date that contains an event (or more)
  3. Select the desired event
  4. Press the "Edit" icon depicted as a pencil
  5. Edit the fields as you see fit (start / end time, event name, location etc)
  6. Press "Save" to apply the changes

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