By factory resetting your LG Optimus L3, you will lose all the data stored on your smartphone, including third party apps or games, so itís highly recommended to save your files prior to following the steps of this tutorial.

The factory reset (also known as a master reset) should be performed only as a last resort in case all other troubleshooting steps to fix the issues youíre having with your device have failed, or if you want to give/sell your smartphone to a different person.

Performing a Software Factory Reset

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps.
  2. Scroll to Settings -> tap Settings -> tap Backup & reset -> choose, as desired, whether or not to Backup your data to the Google servers and/or to Automatically restore an app to its backed up settings.
  3. When ready, tap Factory data reset.
  4. Read the warning and if you agree with it, tap Reset phone -> tap Erase everything.
  5. You LG Optimus L3 will now completely reset and then restart.

Performing a Factory Reset via Hardware

In case your LG Optimus L3 is so unresponsive that you canít reset it via a software factory reset, donít worry as thereís another method.

  1. Turn the smartphone off.
  2. Then press and hold the Volume Down button.
  3. While pressing the Volume Down button, press and hold the Power button as well.
  4. Keep both keys pressed until a prompt appears -> then release the keys.
  5. Scroll to and highlight wipe data/factory reset by pressing the Volume Down button, and then press the Home key.
  6. Scroll to and hightlight Yesódelete all user data by pressing the Volume Down key -> then press the Home key.
  7. Wait for the wipe to be complete -> then select to reboot system now by pressing the Home key.
  8. Congratulations! Your smartphone has been reset and it should soon restart.

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